Treaty of Santarém

  1. Peace treaty signed on March 22, 1373, in Santarém, Portugal.
  2. Brings to an end the 2nd Guerra Fernandina, between Fernando of Portugal and Enrique II of Castile.
  3. The treaty demands that King Fernando of Portugal cancels the Treaty of Tagilde signed with England in July 1372.
  4. Two royal marriages are included in the peace treaty agreement: Princess Beatriz, King Fernando's sister and daughter of King Pedro of Portugal by Dona Inês de Castro, was to marry Sanch Alfonso of Castile, brother of Enrique II, and Isabel, illegitimate daughter of King Fernando, was to marry Count Alfonso, Count of Noreña and Gijón, son of the Castilian monarch. 
  5. King Fernando is unable to fulfill some of the clauses in this treaty, as the people who were supposed to be handed over to the Enrique II of Castile as hostages rebel and take over the castle of Ourém. Enrique II aknowledges that this is not King Fernando's fault, as he made every attempt to fulfill the treaty, and does not demand the payment of any penalty.
  6. Enrique II leaves several of his vassals in the service of Fernando of Portugal, among them Don Fernando Suero Yáñez de Parada, Gonzalo Martínez, Álvaro Menéndez de Cáceres, Nuño García de Ciudad, Martín García de Algeciras, Gregorio Lombardo and García Pérez de Campo. [Fernando, ch. 84]
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