João of Portugal, Prince

  1. (1349-1397) Son of King Pedro of Portugal and his tragic mistress Dona Inês de Castro.
  2. Married Maria Teles, Queen Leonor Teles's sister, in secret and later murdered her, allegedly for political advancement, though that failed. Shortly afterwards he left Portugal and went  to Castile with many of his retinue.
  3. His second wife was Constance of Castile (1379), illegitimate daughter of Enrique II of Castile, and spent his last years in Castile.
  4. Father of Dom Pedro da Guerra, who married Teresa, the daughter of Juan Fernández de Andeiro, second Count of Ourém, for love and, according to Fernão Lopes, against his father's wishes. [Fernando, ch. 134]
  5. During the dynastic crisis of 1383-1385, many people expected him to return and claim the Portuguese crown.
  6. When he was young, Pedro of Castile proposed a marriage with his daughter Constanza, by María de Padilla (1358). [Pedro, ch. 15: 36]
  7. Witnesses the peace treaty of Santarém signed between Fernando of Portugal and Enrique II of Castile, bringing to an end the second Guerra Fernandina, March 1373.
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