Lourenço Eanes Fogaça

  1. Chief chancellor to King Fernando of Portugal and member of his Royal Council. [Fernando, ch. 128: 6-7]
  2. Was sent by king Fernando of Portugal to Castile to negotiate with Enrique II a treaty of naval assistance in a war against the King of Aragon. Gonçalo Vasques de Azevedo accompanied him in this mission. This, however, proved to be a very unsuccessful mission. [Fernando, ch. 93: 45-48; ch. 97, 4
  3. As Chancellor of the Great Seal, and ambassador of King João I of Portugal, he negotiated an alliance treaty with Richard II of England (1386) at the request, and insistance, of King João I of Portugal and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. This was the Treaty of Windsor, the objective of which was to bring John of Gaunt to the Iberian Peninsula to claim the crown of Castile for him and his wife, and in doing so assist Portugal in its conflict against Castile. Constanza, Duchess of Lancaster, was the eldest daughter and heir of Pedro of Castile, killed by his half-brother Enrique of Trastámara after the battle of Montiel (1369), who then claimed the crown of Castile for himself. [João2, ch. 81, 82].
Lourenç'Eanes Fogaça
Louremçeannes Fogaça
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