Leonor Núñez de Guzmán

  1. (1310-1351) Daughter of Pedro Núñez de Guzmám and Juana Ponce de León y Meneses.
  2. Long-term mistress of Alfonso XI of Castile, with whom she had ten children, among them the future Enrique II of Castile, founder of the Trastámara dynasty.
  3. Two years after the death of Alfonso XI's death, she was killed in Talavera de la Reina, some say by order of Queen Maria, Alfonso's wife, but others believe that she could not do it without the sanction of Pedro of Castile, Alfonso's son, who had a deep hatred for his father's mistress and her sons, some of which he also managed to have killed. Leonor Núñez de Guzmán's estates were given to Queen Maria.



Lianor Nunez de Gozmam
Lionor Nunez de Gozman
Lionor Nunez

Chronicle entries in which Leonor Núñez de Guzmán appears:

Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 16: 28-29, 34-35
Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 17: 23, 27, 30, 35, 38, 64-65, 79

Events associated with Leonor Núñez de Guzmán

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