Gonçalo Vasques de Azevedo

  1. Was second cousin to Queen Leonor, through kinship ties to her mother, Dona Aldonça de Vasconcelos.
  2. Father of Álvaro Gonçalves, who married Doña Sancha de Andeiro, the daughter of Juan Fernandez de Andeiro, who later became Count of Ourém. [Fernando, ch. 134]
  3. Close friend and adviser to King Fernando of Portugal, who often sent him on diplomatic missions. [Fernando, ch. 115]
  4. Was sent by King Fernando to Castile to negotiate treaty with Enrique II against the King of Aragon. This, however, proved a very unsuccessful mission. [Fernando, ch. 97]
  5. Governor  of the Castle of Leiria, when Queen Leonor Teles decides to renounce her rights as Queen Regent and hand the crown over to her daughter Beatriz and her husband, Juan I or Castile.  [João1, ch. 65: 25]
  6. Sided with Castile during the 1383-1385 crisis in Portugal. [João1, ch. 67: 11 ??]
Gomçallo Vaasquez dAzevedo
Gomçallo Vaasquez

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