Diogo Lopes Pacheco

  1. (1304-1393) Portuguese courtier of King Afonso IV of Portugal. His father was the guardian (amo) of the heir to the throne, Pedro of Portugal, so Diogo Lopes Pacheco was especially close to the prince.
  2. Blamed for the death of Inês de Castro and persecuted by her lover, Pedro of Portugal, after becoming king. His property was confiscated.
  3. Escaped King Pedro's wrath by going to Castile, where he settled first in Ciudad Rodrigo. From there he escaped the attempt of Pedro I of Castile to deliver him as a prisoner to Pedro I of Portugal, when the latter became king (1357), and he subsequently joined the military service of the revolted Enrique of Trastámara.
  4. In 1367 he was sent by Enrique as a diplomatic envoy to King Fernando I of Portugal. On this occasion he may have negotiated his return to the Portuguese court, where he was still active in 1371, and was reinstated in his wealth. Close to the king's half-brother, the Infante Dinis, Pacheco initiated a second exile from Portugal in 1372. It was by his influence, according to Fernão Lopes, that the Infante D. Dinis took refuge in Castile at the court of Enrique II.
  5. Pacheco was an important figure in the army of Enrique II of Castile that invaded Portugal and put siege to Lisbon in 1373. In the official documents of Fernando I of Portugal, he was accused of fighting the king and even of being involved in an attempt to poison him.
  6. The last episode of Pacheco's life in Portugal occurred as a consequence of his capture as a member of the Castilian army by João, Master of Avis, in 1384. He subsequently joined the body of councilors of the new king of Avis, had his estates returned to him, and died in Portugal almost a decade later at an advanced age.


Diego Lopez Pacheco

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