Leonor Teles, Queen of Portugal

  1. (1350-1405) Daughter of Martim Afonso Telo de Meneses and Aldonça Anes de Vasconcelos. Both parents had royal ancestry.
  2. Married João Lourenço da Cunha, 2nd Lord of Pombeiro, by whom she had a son, Álvaro da Cunha.
  3. Married King Fernando of Portugal in the Monastery of Leça do Balio (1372) after the monarch arranged for the annulment of her first marriage.
  4. On her marriage to King Fernando, se received the following towns and estates: Vila Viçosa, Abrantes, Almada, Sintra, Torres Vedras, Alenquer, Atouguia, Óbidos, Aveiro and the Crown lands of Sacavém, Frielas and Unhos, and the land of Melres in Ribadouro. [Fernando, ch. 62: 30-33]
  5. Remained a very controversial figure. According to Fernão Lopes's chronicles she is beautiful, charming, graceful, courageous, and generous to monasteries making many donations. She is also shown to be intelligent but deceitful, vengeful, immoral and disloyal. She is undoubtedly a brave, capable, intelligent, and astute political woman, a personality that the medieval mind tended to consider with great suspicion. Modern research has 'rehabilitated' this important character in Fernão Lopes's Chronicle of King Fernando and Chronicle of King João I, Part 1.
Lionor Tellez

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