Afonso IV, King of Portugal

  1. (1291-1357) He reigned in 1325-1357, succeeding his father, King Dinis of Portugal. His mother was Isabel of Aragon, later canonized as a saint. Her body rests in Coimbra, Portugal.
  2. Married Beatriz of Castile (1309), who gave birth to King Pedro of Portugal. Beatriz of Castile was the daughter of Sancho IV of Castile and his wife Maria de Molina.
  3. Father of Maria, wife of Alfonso XI of Castile and mother of Pedro of Castile. 
  4. Afonso IV and Alfonso XI of Castile fought in the decisive Battle of the Salado (1340) against the Sultans of Morocco and of Granada.
  5. Issues the 'dinheiros alfonsiis'. [Pedro, ch. 11: 57-58]

Chronicle entries in which Afonso IV, King of Portugal appears:

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