Martim Eanes de Barbuda

  1. Born in Lisbon, probably from a family with Galician origins. Cousin of Gil Vasques de Barbuda. [João2, ch. 137]
  2. Self-styled Master of Avis, according to Fernão Lopes. [João1, ch. 146: 12 ]
  3. Joins a large Castilian force gathered near Crato, Portugal, to wage war on Nuno Álvares Pereira, the Portuguese Constable, in order to avenge the defeat suffered at the Battle of Atoleiros (1384). 
  4. Is appointed Master of Alcántara (1385-1394) by Juan I of Castile whose faction he joined during the dynastic crisis of 1383-1385. This appointment filled in the vacancy left by Gonzalo Núñez de Guzmán when he was appointed Master of Calatrava in 1385. See: Dicionario Biografico Español, Real Academia de la Historia: [Consulted on February 6, 2020].
MartinhAnes de Barvudo
Marty Annes de Barbuda
Martim Añes de Barbuda
Martín Yáñes de Barbudo
Martín Yáñes de la Barbuda

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