João Fernandes Pacheco

  1. (c. 1340- c. 1420) Son of Diogo Lopes Pacheco, councellor to King Afonso IV of Portugal.
  2. Lord of multiple estates in Portugal, either inherited or received as reward for his service to King João I of Portugal during the dynastic crisis of 1383-1385 and beyond.
  3. Accompanied King João I in the siege to Melgaço. [João2, ch. 134]
  4. In 1396, he left Portugal for Castile, together with his brother Lopo and several members members of the Portuguese old nobility, in protest against the expropriation of some of their estates.
  5. In Castile, Ennrique III welcomed him and made him Lord of Belmonte.
  6. He is the Portuguese knight that Jean Froissart met in Middelburg, in Zeeland, Netherlands, to be informed of the latest developments in the Iberian Peninsula. According to Froissart, João Fernandes Pacheco was most affable and brought him up to date on events in the Peninsula till the year 1390. See: Borrill, Keira, transl., ‘Jean Froissart, Chronicles’, in The Online Froissart, ed. by Peter Ainsworth and Godfried Croenen, version 1.5 (Sheffield: HRIOnline, 2013), Book III, folio 260 <> [accessed 11 June 2020]


Johão Fernamdez Pacheco

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