João Afonso de Albuquerque

  1. (1306-1354) Portuguese nobleman, known as "o do Ataúde", the one of the bier, because his followers carried him on a bier having sworn not to bury him until they had settled the issue of his murder and their quarrel  with King Pedro of Castile. [Pedro, ch. 17: 154-159]
  2. Son of Afonso Sanches and Teresa Martínez de Meneses. King Dinis of Portugal was his paternal grandfather.
  3. Married Isabel Téllez de Meneses, daughter of Tello Alfonso de Meneses and Maria of Portugal y Manuel, granddaughter of King Afonso III of Portugal.
  4. Went to Castile with the retinue of Maria of Portugal, daughter of Afonso IV of Portugal, when she married Alfonso XI of Castile. He remained a trusted servant of the queen.
  5. Was the mentor and great chancellor of Pedro I of Castile (1350-1353), especially at the beginning of his reign. Fell in disgrace when he put too much pressure on an alliance with France and Pedro's marriage to Blanche of Bourbon (1353). Finally, he joined the Trastámara faction and died in Medina del Campo, possibly poisoned by order of the king (1354). [Pedro, ch. 17: 153-156]
  6. María de Padilla, future lover of Pedro I of Castile was brought up as "donzela" in the retinue of Dona Isabel Teles de Meneses and her husband João Afonso de Albuquerque.  [Pedro, ch. 16: 59-60]
  7. Disapproved of Pedro of Castile's abandoning his wife Blanche of Bourbon shortly after their wedding day to return to the arms of his mistress María de Padilla. This began the rift between João Afonso Telo and the young king. [Pedro, ch. 17: 107-110]
  8. Enrique, Count of Trastámara, invited João Afonso de Albuquerque to join him and his brother Fadrique, Master of Santiago, and invade Castile. Later on, the people of Toledo called them to come in aid of Blanche of Bourbon to prevent her from being killed in their city. [Pedro, ch. 17: 118-120, 133-141]
Joham Affonsso d'Alboquerque

Chronicle entries in which João Afonso de Albuquerque appears:

Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 17: 24, 33-34, 109, 111, 113-114, 119, 140, 153, 157, 161, 169-170
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